One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

Thank you, Virginia Woolf. I think I need that written on my kitchen wall. Or tattooed on my forehead. Or maybe I should just name my future firstborn Virginia, as a sign of gratitude. That quote is one that we should all live by, in my humble opinion, as sometimes we forget how important it is to appreciate the food that we consume each and every day. I am a lover of food, and I find comfort in cooking. A couple of years ago I planned to attend culinary school, but life decided that I would be better off doing something else. Some people have said that they tend to eat a lot when they are around me, but I think it’s just them.

Oh, and my name is Manissa, by the way.

(The tagline above is brought to you by one of the best comedies ever, Parks and Recreation. I am a huge fan, but I am in no way affiliated to the show. I kind of wish I was, though.)


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